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Let's Fish Hack Instant Catch Updated 2017

♠ Posted by Edmund Lee in

With this hack, you can catch big or legendary fishes instantly.

1. Firefox, Chrome or any browser
2. WinRaR to extract files
3. Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine Download Link :

The Hack Allows You To :
Easy Pull, Catch and Capture             

Note Before You Hack:
1. Enable the (1) script before the (2) script
2. Don't cast the line before activating the hack

Steps to enable the hack : 
1. Download all the files from above
2. Go to Let's Fish on facebook
3. Extract all the downloaded files into your desktop
4. Open cheat engine and open task manager then look for 2nd FlashPlayerPlugin....... copy the Flash Process ID
5. Press CTRL + O then select the file (Let's Fish Cheat.ct) in your desktop or any location you        
extracted the file
6. Open calculator and convert it into hex :
    Paste PID as DEC and then hit hex to convert it.
7. Select your process. Enjoy! Come back for more hacks!

8 Ball Pool Hack 2017 (New)

♠ Posted by Edmund Lee in

8 Ball Pool Cheat New Line Hack Updated 2017 Work 100%. By this 8 Ball Pool Hack your guide line will increase to the max or choose whatever you want by adjusting. This is free to download and no survey.

Cheat requires cheat engine and the tool to hack the game.

Features of the hack:
1. Increase cue target guide line
2. Guideline in all rooms

Requirements for the hack:
1.Cheat Engine 6.5.1 or 6.6 -
2. WinRar to Extract Files
3. Download 8 Ball Pool Hack (Free)
4. Any browser. Using firefox is easiest.

Steps to activate the hack:
1. Download all required tools above
2. Go to 8 Ball Pool Game on Facebook
3. Open the hack
4. If you're using Firefox, then choose Firefox. (If you want to use it on chrome do make sure no other tabs are open.(only game tab remains)
5. Select the hack and then click "Enable" or "Enable All".
6. Enjoy! Win everyone you know! Come back for more hacks!

Pool Arena Hack Long Line

♠ Posted by Edmund Lee in
Pool Arena Hack Long Line with using this cheat, you will easier to win the match because function of this hack is to extend the line, so that you more easily to direct the ball into hole. 

 Pool Arena : This game is a game of snooker, which is similar to the 8 ball pool game. The purpose of the 8 ball is for the one player to pocket the solid colored balls numbered 1-7 while the other tries to pocket the striped balls numbered 9-15. After the player knocks in all of their balls, the player must call the pocket on the last ball remaining, the 8 ball. In 9 Ball play, each player tries to pocket the balls in order, from 1 through 9. While playing all you need are dexterity and the right strategy.

 Perfect your skills and strike the balls into one of the six openings to earn points! Play Pool Arena On Facebook :

Update Trainer:
Pool Arena Hack Long Line updated on Friday, ‎October ‎17, ‎2014. Updates Pool Arena Version 2.1.CT (Cheat Engine Table)

Tools Required :
  • Cheat Engine :
     For free
Pool Arena V.2.1.CT (free download, no password and no survey)
 ( Remember, to put Your browser)

5 Ways to use the hack:

1.Log in to your facebook account then play Pool Arena Facebook Game 
2.When you are in the game lobby, open trainer On the trainer click "select process" then select process you use (ex : FlashPlayerPlugin), then click "Inject" button 
3.After that, select hack list and click enable (you must enable all hack) Back to the game and play it!!!
4.Have fun playing with your game and come back for more cheats and hacks.

Atlantis Adventure Hack Unlimited Moves

♠ Posted by Edmund Lee in
Atlantis Adventure Hack Unlimited Moves , this cheat work to make matching 3 gems will score and generate special gem as matching 4 gems normally and to make unlimited movement.
Atlantis Adventure :
The game is the same as diamond dash game, we have to combine 3 or more crystals that have the same color. The game offers 5 types of levels, colorful graphics and a fascinating world, full of secrets. Connect crystals in combinations to trigger unique effects! Only you can unravel the secrets of Atlantis!
Play Atlantis Adventure on facebook :

Update Hack :
Atlantis Adventure Hack Match 3 is Match 5 Update on ‎‎‎‎Sunday, ‎June ‎22, ‎2014. Update to Atlantis Adventure 08.CT

Tools Required :
  • Cheat Engine :
  • Atlantis Adventure 08 File CT (Free Download, No Password and No Survey)
  • Your Browser
  • Steps to use Atlantis Adventure Hack Macth :
    1. Download and install Cheat Engine (do not open) then downoad atlantis adventures ct file.
    2. Log in to your facebook account then play Atlantis Adventure Game (do not click anything)
    3. Open Cheat Engine, select process browser then load or open atlantis adventures ct file.
    4. Tick all small box.

Pool Live Pro Hack Guide Long Line

♠ Posted by Edmund Lee in
Pool Live Pro Hack Guide Long Line. this cheat works to increase the length of the guidelines, so you will be very easy to win the match. With this cheat you will much easier to enter the ball into the hole.

Pool Live Pro is a billiards game which is similar to 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip. Pool Live Pro is an arcade billiard simulator. Real-world physics, global rankings, variety of game types and different modes provide a great gaming experience for all kind of players! Play this Game on Facebook : "" then join the tables and show your skills now!

Info Update :
Pool Live Pro Hack Guide Long Line has been updated on Friday, ‎May ‎16, ‎2014. updated to Pool Live Pro V.17 Trainer. You can download Pool Live Pro Trainer for free, no password and no survey.
NOTE : You must enable all hack.

Tools Required :

 Free cheats
  • Cheat Engine
  • Pool Live Pro V.17 (No Password, No Survey and Free Download)


Steps to use Pool Live Pro Hack Guide Long Line :
  1. Download and Install Cheat Engine (do not open)
  2. Download Pool Live Pro Trainer
  3. Log in to your facebook account then Play Pool Live Pro
  4. After you are on the loby game..
  5. Open Pool Live Pro Trainer then select your process browser.
  6. After that, enable all hack.
  7. Last stpes..let,s play              

Mouse Hunt cheats

♠ Posted by Edmund Lee in

Mouse Hunt Guide,Copy this guide in your notepad and save!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Complete the tutorial as Larry instructs
- Purchase the 500 pound spiked crusher (you may be a recruit before that happens)
- Do Not purchase the Stone Base. The Wooden Base with Target is better

-Move to the Town of Gnawnia
- Purchase the Mouse Trebuchet


- Move to the Windmill
- Purchase the Swiss Army Mouse Trap. While in Gnawnia, purchase and switch to Swiss Cheese
- Do Not purchase another base. Once again, the Wooden Base with Target is better

-Move to the Harbour
- Look for the Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece that’s dropped by a Granite Mouse

- Move to the Mountain
- Get a Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece from a Ninja Mouse

- Travel to the Calm Clearing
- Get a Gnarled Tree Map Piece from a Cyclops Mouse
- Purchase an Explosive Base


- Head to the Laboratory
- Collect a Key to Digby from the dwarf mouse
- Collect Radioactive Blue Curd Potions from Steel, Granite and Bionic mice. 30 if you’re going to use brie, 10 if you’re going to use Superbrie+

- Once you have 140,600 gold, travel to The Town of Digby and purchase a Sinister Portal
- Get a Tattered Mousoleum Map from the zombie mouse
– Travel to the Mousoleum, equip a Sinister Portal, an Explosive Base, and Radioactive Blue Cheese. Do not use any other trap or cheese
- Get a Shredded Furoma Map Piece from a Lycan Mouse
- If you run out of Radioactive Blue Cheese, but do not have a map piece, either go to the Laboratory and collect more potions, or go to Digby, collect Meteorite Pieces from Granite Mice, and craft Moon Cheese. You can also go to Digby and get it from a Mole Mouse
- Leave the mousoleum once you’ve gotten the map piece- don’t use the rest of your Radioactive Blue

- Travel to the Great Gnarled Tree
- Purchase the Venus Mouse Trap
- Catch a Fairy Mouse and collect the Lagoon Map Piece
- Get 20 Radioactive Sludge; hunt in the GGT with Radioactive Blue using your Sinister Portal and Explosive base to do this the fastest.
- Finish the rank of Master in the GGT with the Venus Mouse Trap


- Travel to Training Grounds
- Smash your Venus Mouse Trap and combine it with 20 radioactive sludge to create the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap
- Hunt in the Training Grounds with the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap, the Explosive Base (Polar Base if you have it) and Brie Cheese. Do NOT try to use other traps, such as the Force Field or a Digby Drillbot.
- Collect a Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar from either an Archer Mouse, a Kung Fu Mouse or an Assassin Mouse.
- Buy 19 splintered wood (or as much as you need to have 19 total), 250 Curds & Whey, 10 Burroughs Salmon, 10 Nori and 3 Rice Paper from the Training Grounds General Store.

- You need to collect 95,000 gold. The best way to do that is to head to the Great Gnarled Tree.
- When you have 95,000 gold, head to the Bazaar
- Repair your Shredded Furoma Map and purchase 10 Paint Brand Paint, 10 Invisi-Glue, and 10 Cheesy Fluffs
- While you wait, you can either head back to the Great Gnarled Tree, or head to the Laboratory to collect some more Radioactive Blue Curd Potions

- Collect your map from the Bazaar and travel to the Dojo
- Catch Student of the Cheese Belt, Student of the Cheese Claw and Student of the Cheese Fang mice.
- Every time you collect 3 tokens, craft the corresponding cheese and head to the Meditation Room
- Attempt to catch the master mouse of the corresponding school. Once you have caught one mouse, stop using that cheese, for now
- Get ONE of each master mouse

- If you have not gotten the Ambush Blueprints already from either a Worker Mouse or an Assassin Mouse, go to the Meditation Room or Pinnacle Chamber and get them from a Hapless Mouse
- Collect 62,000 gold and purchase 8 Droid Parts from the bazaar general store. Also buy 5 Ionized Salt
- Craft the Ambush Trap
- Craft as much Glutter, Susheese, and Combat cheese as you can
- Go to the Meditation room and catch as many Master of the Cheese mice as you can. Do not craft the Master’s Seal with the shards
- Craft Rumble Cheese using the 3-piece method
- Head to the Pinnacle Chamber and catch at least one Master of the Dojo Mouse and get the Onyx Stone

- Go to the Bazaar and repair your Tattered Mousoleum Map. If you cannot afford it, go to the Laboratory and collect the gold.

– While the map is being repaired, go to the Laboratory again and collect more Radioactive Blue Curd Potions. You need about 30 (or 10, if you’re using SB+) more potions
- Once you have 316,350 gold, head to the Catacombs. If you get enough potions before having enough gold, head back to the Great Gnarled Tree to collect the gold
- Purchase the Obelisk of Slumber
- In the Catacombs, collect 12 Scrap Metal from the Scavenger Mouse and Terror Knight Mouse, as well as getting 632,700 gold
- Also, get a Keeper’s Candle which is dropped by the Keeper Mouse
- Once you have the scrap metal and the gold, purchase the Mysterious Blueprints and craft the Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery

- Go back to the Bazaar and buy a bunch of Ionized Salt (300 is a good number to start)
- Purchase the required ingredients and craft the Dehydration Base
- Craft Ancient Cheese using any formula you choose, be it one of the two crafting recipes or the potions formulas
- Go to the Forbidden Grove, which is accessible for 16 out of every 20 hours (Follow the progress bar to know when this is happening) using your ACRoNYM, Ancient Cheese, and the Dehydration Base
- Collect Runes from Golem, Gargoyle, Gate Guardian, Sorcerer and Scavenger Mice in the Forbidden Grove
- Spend some time in the Catacombs, Forbidden Grove and Acolyte Realm collecting gold. Approximately 1.6 million gold (!!)

- Go to the Great Gnarled Tree and, using all of your gnarled curd potions, catch the Curious Chemist mouse using Ambush, Explosive Base and gnarled cheese
- Collect as many Wicked Gnarly Potions from the Curious Chemist as you can

- Purchase 900 Splintered Wood from the Training Grounds general store (or however many you need to purchase to get to 900)
- Head to the Lagoon and purchase 100 rope, 70 bolt of cloth, and 1 King’s Reserve Bubbleh
- Convert all of your wicked gnarly potions into wicked gnarly cheese
- Collect 1 Ship Blueprints from the Hydra mouse using Ambush, Explosive base and Wicked Gnarly cheese
- Collect 18 Scrap Metal from either the Scavenger Mouse or from the Hydra Mouse if you haven’t done so already
- Craft 1 Unchristened Ship from the splintered wood, rope, bolt of cloth, blueprints and scrap metal. If you’re a Hero rank or above, add the Bubbleh to the formula to skip the next step
- Craft 1 SS Huntington with the Unchristened Ship and the King’s Reserve Bubbleh

- Travel to the SS Huntington
- Purchase 1 Net Cannon trap and equip it with the Dehydration and Brie Cheese.
- Collect the Compass from the Bottled Mouse, the Telescope from the Captain Mouse, and the Sextant from the Shipwrecked Mouse

- Craft them together to create 1 Navigation Kit
- Go to Cape Clawed and purchase 200 Gouda

- Head to the Nerg Plains; use Ambush, Explosive, Gouda
- Collect 30 savoury vegetables
- Go back to Cape Clawed and buy ingredients from the general store; craft 15 Gumbo cheese
- Hunt for the Grandfather Mouse and collect the Thorned Vine. If you fail to get it, go back to the Nerg Plains, get more savoury vegetables and try again with more Gumbo
- Purchase the Thorned Mouse Blueprints, smash your Mutated Venus Mouse Trap and craft the Thorned Venus Mouse Trap. If you lack the points, go to the Elub Sands to collect more points
- Smash the Thorned Venus Mousetrap and craft the Horrific Venus Mouse Trap
- Purchase enough ingredients to make 30 more Gumbo cheese
- Move back to the Nerg plains and collect 60 more savoury vegetables and craft 30 more Gumbo cheese
- Equip your Gumbo cheese and catch the Defender, Slayer and Nerg Chieftain mice
- Collect 36 yellow pepper seeds and the Ancient Ripped Blueprints piece (dropped by the Nerg Chieftain)

- Go to the Elub Shore. Smash your Net Cannon and reconstruct it as a Harpoon Gun
- Hunt for 30 seashells with Harpoon Gun, Explosive, Gouda
- Head back to Cape Clawed and buy ingredients to craft 15 shell cheese
- Hunt for the Elder Mouse and get the Ancient Spear. As with the Grandfather, if you fail you need to get more Shell and try again
- Purchase the Ancient Spear Launcher Blueprints from the general store, smash your harpoon gun and craft the Ancient Spear Gun. If you lack the points, go back to Elub to get them
- Purchase enough ingredients to make 30 more Shell cheese
- Move back to the Elub Sands, get 60 seashells and make 30 more shell cheese
- Catch the Protector, Champion and Elub Chieftain mice
- Collect 36 blue pepper seeds and the Ancient Frayed Blueprints piece (dropped by the Elub Chieftain)

- Go to the Derr Dunes.
- Hunt for 30 delicious stones with Digby Drillbot, Explosive, Gouda
- Head back to Cape Clawed and buy ingredients to craft 15 crunchy cheese
- Hunt for the Ages Mouse and get the Rhino Horn. As with the others, make more crunchy if you run out before getting the horn
- Purchase the Rhinobot Blueprints from the general store, smash your Digby Drillbot and craft the Rhinobot. If you lack the points, go back to Elub to get them. If it’s gold, head to the Derr Dunes. And if you don’t have enough stale SB+, hunt with SB+ in the Acolyte Realm using the ACRoNYM and explosive base.
- Purchase enough ingredients to make 30 more Crunchy cheese
- Move back to the Derr Dunes, get 60 Delicious Stones and make 30 more crunchy cheese
- Catch the Guardian, Gladiator and Derr Chieftain Mice
- Collect 36 red pepper seeds and the Ancient Mangled Blueprints piece (dropped by the Derr Chieftain)


- Head back to Cape Clawed and purchase 54 plant pots, 126 coconut milk, 108 salt and 324 C&W
- Purchase the Ancient Torn Blueprints from the general store (if you can’t afford it now, that’s OK- come back for it later)
- Plant 9 purple, red, yellow, blue, green and orange pepper plants and pick the peppers
- Craft as much of each color of Havarti cheese as you can (should be about 18)
- Purchase the Bottomless Grave *unless* you have 20 million points and 2.7 million gold; if you do, purchase the Clockapult of Time
- Head to the Jungle of Dread
- Catch the Primal Mouse and collect the Ethereal Rope from it
- Catch the Stonework Warrior Mouse and collect the Engraved Stone Slab from it
- Catch the Fetid Swamp Mouse and collect the Hinge of Eternity from it
- Catch the Chitinous Mouse and collect the Timeless Mystic Gem from it
- Catch the Jurassic Mouse and collect the Ancient Relic Staff from it
- Catch the Magma Carrier Mouse and collect the Encrusted Metal of Time from it
- Combine the 4 blueprint pieces (purchase the torn piece from the general store now if you didn’t before) and create the Ancient Box Trap Blueprints
- Combine the Ancient Box Trap Blueprints with the Ethereal Rope, Engraved Stone Slab, Hinge of Eternity, Timeless Mystic gem, Ancient Relic Staff and Encrusted Metal of Time to create the Ancient Box Trap

- Go back to the Acolyte Realm and catch an Acolyte Mouse if you haven’t done so yet
- Using the Frozen Scroll that you obtain from your acolyte, make an Ice Maiden Trap (combine it with 60 runes and a smashed high tension spring trap)
- Collect 10 red, blue and yellow pepper seeds so that you can make 10 inferno pepper plants. Pick them and combine 6 peppers with 16 coconut milk, 18 curds & whey and 6 fire salt to create inferno havarti


– Head to Dracano, and using the ice maiden and the inferno havarti, catch a dragon mouse!

- Collect 3 dragon embers from Dracano
- Purchase the Antique Lantern from Cape Clawed for 90,000 gold
- Combine the embers and the lantern to make Balack’s Lantern
- Head to the Jungle of dread using gouda cheese. Catch the “Swarm of Pigmy Mice” mouse. Collect 300 Vanilla Beans
- Craft 300 Vanilla Stilton
- Equip the ACRoNYM and your best base. You’re after the Nerg, Derr and Elub Lich mice. Collect the Pinch of Annoyance, Bottled-Up Rage and Raisins of Wrath from the lich mice
- Once you’re out of Vanilla Stilton, collect as many vanilla beans as you have annoyance, rage and wrath
- Combine them all with the other ingredients necessary to make vengeful vanilla Stilton cheese
- Use this new cheese to go after Balack the Banished. Equip your ABT and your best base. Be warned that he’s incredibly tough, and like the acolyte, is not incredibly common. Expect to take quite a few stilton to get him

- Open your Dragon’s Chest and collect Zugzwang’s Scarf
- Head to the Seasonal Garden
- Purchase Zugzwang’s Last Move from the trapsmith & smash it; purchase Zugzwang’s First Move Blueprints
- Combine Magic Feather, Chess Piece and blueprints to make Zugzwang’s First Move
- Hunt in the Seasonal Garden. It has 4 seasons, which alternate every few days. In the Spring, use your strongest physical trap. In the Summer, use your strongest tactical trap. In the Fall, equip a Shadow trap, and in the Winter use Hydro traps.
- If you were able to get Heat Bath Blueprints from the dragon’s chest, combine them with 2 launcher parts (obtained by smashing 2 harpoon guns), 36 coal and 6 scrap metal to make the Heat Bath; use it in the Winter season
- Collect 1 Spring Key Shard, 1 Summer Key Shard, 1 Fall Key Shard and 1 Winter Key Shard from the Vinetail, Summer Mage, Harvester and Winter Mage mice, respectively.

- Purchase one Technic Pawn Pincher and one Mystic Pawn Pincher from the trapsmith in the garden
- Travel to Zugzwang’s tower once you have a full amplifier bar (filled in the garden)
- Equip one of your pinchers along with a target base and gouda cheese
- Catch eight pawns of either technic or mystic
- Equip ZFM with either the magma or molten shrapnel base, and SB+ (gouda if you must)
- Catch 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks, and one queen of either the technic or mystic side
- Equip gouda cheese, and go after the king of the side you are on. Checkmate!
- Equip the opposite Pincher, and do the same thing on the other side

- Collect a mystic curd from the mystic king and a technic cheese mould from the technic king
- Combine the curd & mould with 12 ionized salt to make three checkmate cheese (add 6 magic essence to make it 9)
- Travel up the tower (mystic or technic; doesn’t matter) and catch up to the queen.
- Equip checkmate cheese and catch the king mouse
- You won’t get kicked out; keep using checkmate cheese to catch the chess master
- Collect the Master Bindings from the chess master, as well as 3 technic pages from the technic king and 3 mystic pages from the mystic king
- Combine the six pages, the bindings, 6 platinum bars and spellbook base blueprints (found in the seasonal garden general store) to make the spellbook base

Free Dragon City Event Tools Update and No Proxy

♠ Posted by Edmund Lee in
Free Dragon City Event Tools Update and No Proxy, this hack is used to help us complete the mission in dragon city event. With this tool you can complete the mission instantly and get rewards or prizes from the event very easily.

Free Dragon City Viking Island Tools.
Dragon City Viking Island Event has returned, this event lasts for 10 days Start: 14 Feb, 2014 and Expire: 24 Feb, 2014. Rewards for this event : Viking habitat, Thor Dragon, Loki Dragon and Odin Dragon. You can complete the mission and get all reward very easily with this tool.
Steps to use Free Dragon City Event Tools Update :

Log in to your facebook account then play dragon city game
Find your facebook id and session id, to how to find facebook id and session id you can see in the video below.
After that open this link tools (No Proxy):

Free tools
you will be asked to fill out facebook id and session id, fill with your facebook id and session id 
  1. Click 1 quest then submit 2 times you will get 1 item - (Ex: Get 4 Horns) then You will submit 4 times more to get 2 another
  2. First click incomplete event you will get its reward for free
  3. The final step, reload your dragon city and see at storge.